March 20, 2017

Next Tuesday, March 28 we will be taking the 4th grade Writing STAAR test.  The students have worked so hard this year!  This week we will have “Boot Camp”. Students will be engaged in some fun practice activities to review the writing process and to review the rules for revising and editing a passage.  Each day, Tuesday-Friday, we will have a “theme”:

TUESDAY- wear boots (cowboy, rain, snow, etc) to show we will “Stomp the STAAR!”

WEDNESDAY- wear sunglasses to show “We are so BRIGHT!”

THURSDAY- wear a hat to show that we will “Blow the top off of the STAAR!”

FRIDAY-  wear camo clothes to show that the STAAR can’t hide from us!

We will only wear sunglasses and hats in Mrs. Clift’s class so not to disturb their other classes.  

Homework will come home today and is due Thursday, and the Spelling test will be Thursday as well.  We will not have Spelling words or homework next week.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Clift

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