September 9-13

Spelling words for the next two weeks are words that have the final consonant doubled or have dropped the final e before adding -ed or -ing.  Students brought home a new homework sheet today, and they have 2 activities that are due this Friday.  The Spelling test will be next Thursday instead of next Friday.  Remember that they can always study online at

Words for this week and next:

1. rising
2. traced
3. stripped
4. slammed
5. dancing
6. striped
7. winning
8. snapping
9. bragging
10. handled
11. dripped
12. begged
13. dared
14. skipped
15. hitting
16. spotted
17. raced
18. dimmed
19. spinning
20. escaped

Have a great week!

Mrs. Clift

Week of August 26-30

Spelling words for this week and next week- we will be studying homophones:


Students are bringing home a Spelling Contract today with their new words.  They will need to complete 2 activities each week and turn them in on Friday.  I will further explain the contract tomorrow night at meet the teacher.  5:30-6:30  Hope to see you there!!

Mrs. Clift


Parent Orientation has been scheduled for the parents of intermediate students on Tuesday, August 27th,  from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Teachers have enjoyed getting to know their students and establishing a climate of self-worth coupled with a strong work ethic.

The orientation will begin at 5:30 in the elementary cafeteria with a brief meeting. Parents will then be dismissed to the designated areas for their grade levels.

Hope to see you there!

Week of August 19-23

We had a great first 2 days of school!  I am enjoying getting to know my students.

Students will bring home a note today with instructions for REMIND.  This is a great app that helps us to keep in touch.  Please sign up for both homeroom and Writing/Science.

Students have Spelling words in their planners for next week.  We will have a Spelling test Friday, August 23.  They may practice at home on Spelling City by going to the website-

The words for next week are:

1. blade
2. gray
3. past
4. afraid
5. magic
6. delay
7. amaze
8. drain
9. maybe
10. break
11. sale
12. hang
13. stain
14. glass
15. raft
16. jail
17. crayon
18. fact
19. stale
20. steak
Have a great week!
Mrs. Clift

April Events

Our STAAR Writing Test is next Tuesday, April 9.  Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Go to bed early.
  2. Be on time for school.
  3. Plan to bring your lunch from home that morning or purchase your lunch from the cafeteria on these two testing days. Food brought in for lunch will not be allowed for any grade level on testing days. VISITORS for lunch will not be permitted on campus on April 9th and 10th.
  4. Students may bring one, sealed bottle of room-temperature water. Any other drink will not be allowed.

Upcoming Events:

  • Jefferson, Texas Field Trip is Wednesday, April 17 – Send $10 to cover the cost of the wagon and boat rides.  Students need to bring a sack lunch for the picnic.
  • Thursday, April 18 – 4th Grade Easter Party – 9:30 – 10:15 in the Cafeteria – Please send $1.00 to cover cost for the ice cream.
  • EASTER HOLIDAY – Friday, April 19 – Monday, April 22 – Back in school on Tuesday
  • FIELD DAY – Thursday, April 25

Week of March 18-22

Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope that you all had a wonderful week!

Homework will come home this Tuesday and is due Thursday.  Please go over the homework and sign it each week.  Our STAAR test is coming up fast-  APRIL 9!

Report cards and graded papers folder will come home on Thursday of this week.

We will be studying Transition words this week-  test FRIDAY:

1. after
2. although
3. as
4. where
5. when
6. while
7. until
8. because
9. if
10. since
11. conclusion
12. finally
13. example
14. however
15. sometimes
16. conclude
17. once
18. later
19. another
20. addition


Upcoming Events

We will not have a Spelling test this week- however, homework is coming home today and is due Thursday.

Tues., Feb. 26: Wear red, maroon, or your “Belle” shirt in honor of the kickoff for Jump Rope for Heart

Wed., Feb. 27: Early Release at 12:00 for teacher training

Thurs., Feb. 28: *Writing Benchmark (Students can bring bottled water, HEALTHY NO MESS snack, and mints).

Tues., Mar. 5: Spring Pictures

Mar. 11– 18: SPRING BREAK    Students will return on Tuesday, March 19

Thurs., Mar. 21: Report Cards go home

Wed., Mar. 27: *Math Benchmark (Students can bring bottled water, HEALTHY NO MESS snack, and mints).

Thurs., Mar. 28: *Reading Benchmark (Students can bring bottled water, HEALTHY NO MESS snack, and mints).

February 18-22, 2019

We will have a school holiday on Monday, February 18th, to celebrate Presidents’ Day.

We will be studying contractions for Spelling this week:

1. there’s
2. weren’t
3. I’m
4. hadn’t
5. hasn’t
6. we’d
7. who’s
8. you’re
9. you’ll
10. I’ll
11. they’re
12. she’s
13. wouldn’t
14. doesn’t
15. he’d
16. I’d
17. it’ll
18. couldn’t
19. they’d
20. we’re
21. won’t
22. didn’t
23. I’ve
24. let’s
25. can’t

Have a great weekend!